A week before what would be your 41st birthday and I heard this song for the first time.  And let me just say, waiting in the pick-up line for your middle-schooler in the parking lot is not a cool look to be crying in your car while listening on repeat.  We are living almost five years without …

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It's been two weeks since your 38th birthday now.  I've been needing to write since then but haven't given myself the time - maybe subconsciously because I know how hard this has been.  I have honestly been starting and stopping this process since before your birthday even happened.  I have been busy writing though, but …

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I Think You Would Be Proud.

I can't believe we have a 3rd grader, yet here we are. The first day of school he was ready, excited, and motivated. I on the other hand was nervous and on the verge of tears; also slightly angry and annoyed that you weren't around for support for my irrational thinking of the expectations for third graders.