Melanie is a single mother living in southern New Mexico.  She is also a writer and therapist working with many types of individuals with the promotion of understanding trauma and how it affects growth, development and epigenetics.

Melanie has experienced grief first hand after the death of her husband Josh, a U.S. Marine Veteran who fought bravely in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Josh lost his battle with PTSD in December of 2016. Melanie not only navigated her own loss but began to understand how loss and specifically how “traumatic loss” can impact young children through bearing witness of her children’s healing since their father’s death. 

Melanie has begun to understand that grief begins with acknowledging one’s own unique development of the grieving process, including the language that is used to define death, that healing is much more applicable than “recovering” from loss, that we do not simply “get over” the death of a loved one, we get through it, piece by piece, day by day.  That closure never happens but reconnection does and that there are many more opportunities for “Hello” than there are for “Goodbye”.

This is a blog about grief, but not subsequently about death.